By: keetz

- Blake griffin/Andre Drummond/Reggie Jackson- after the terrible effort last night, I expect the pistons to come through in this paced up matchup. All three are awesome plays and slightly too cheap. Blake was terrible last night, and I think he has a huge game here. I still prefer Drummond, as he produces in all categories. Reggie Jackson is always solid when he gets good minutes. This slate there’s no really great options, so I love stacking all three of these players, and you can play fox on the other side to stack the game.

- Malik Beasley- after Gary Harris missed last game, Beasley drew the start and struggled, but got 36 minutes. If he starts again for Harris tonight, he’s a lock. He was up to 5 k and had a bunch of good games. The clippers are one of the few good matchup for players tonight, and the nuggets will be a heavy target for me tonight
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