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DFS Tips

Two main bets in baseball

Moneyline is picking the winner of the game. The favored to win will have a (-) in front of the number. (ie. -150) This means you must pay $150 to win $100. (Loss = -$150/Win = +$100) The underdog will have a (+) in front of the number. (ie. + 130) This means if you bet $100 you win $130. In baseball. I like to target small favorites and underdogs. If I love a team that is larger than -150 I will likely have them in a parlay. Parlay means all teams picked must win in order to win bet.


Every game will have a total number of runs projected to be scored. Total over bets will be popular as everyone loves offense and high scoring games. You must factor in the ball park, lineups, starting pitcher and likely bullpen arms in totals and the weather (wind blowing in and out are also big factors) Also. A unit is a reference to a normal size bet. To keep things easy, all our posts will be in units of 100. In other words, totals will be 110 to win 100, and so on.
Bankroll Tips

Bankroll (BR) is one of the most important things to consider when playing DFS. You can’t just throw all of your money at GPPs and expect to succeed in DFS. All you will find is that you are dumping more and more money in to your DFS accounts, thus helping out the “pros” BRs. This is the only way that you can survive in DFS is to manage your BR properly and to adhere to the rules when playing DFS.

It is so important to us that we have built a calculator tool that you can simply plug your balance, or the amount you want to play, in and it will calculate it for you. The math behind it is simple. Enter your BR you have available, or what you want to play, and it will calculate the total amount (20% of your BR) that you should be playing for the night. Than it will take that total amount and calculate the total amount that should be entered in to cash games (90%) and GPP (10%).

Contest Tips

Using strategy is one of the things that you need to emphasize when you are playing DFS. You cannot just jump in to the $8 GPP and expect to walk away with the top prize of $100,000. As much as you want to dump your entire BR in to tonight’s contests, especially GPPs, resist that urge to go head on in to gambling your entire BR. You need to find where your strengths lie in DFS contests and maximize your exposure to these contests. One of the best ways to do this is to have access to your data and be able to analysis it. Ok, so there are ways to do this with the .csv files that are accessible to us on DK & FD, but it becomes extremely difficult to put all of that together and make sense of it all. Luckily there is an awesome website that will do this for you: ROTO GRINDERS

These guys mean business when it comes to compiling your data and information on your previous contests and letting it make sense to you. You can sort your information in anyway that you want and see how you are doing in particular kinds of contests versus others. This is the best way to understand where you are winning and how you are winning in DFS, as well as where you are losing money. Using this website will help you to maximize those contests where you have a positive Return On Investment (ROI).

The great part about the Roto Grinders beta analyzer is that you can adjust the time frames by certain periods to ensure you get the information you want. What the best way to increase that BR is to play heavily on Cash games, this means more 50/50s (100 man leagues are the favorite) and H2Hs than the double ups. Double ups are great but 50/50s are easier to win and help increase the BR.

As always, be careful about who you are playing against in H2Hs as there are a lot of pros out there that will easily cash out on everyone.

Cash Games
50/50s, Double Ups, H2H 50/50s

These games are the easiest of all of the games for every sport and every slate. They will not return double your money but close to it. Choose these for the best possible ROI and in building your BR the most possible. I would caution though to choose contests that are single entry and not multiple entry, as this will allow you the best return without the possibility to tie with others and actually lose money.

Double Ups

Just as the title says, they are meant to double up your winnings when you play in these. They are great in building the BR but just slightly less better than 50/50s as they generally are only 43% cash rate unlike 50/50s that are 50% cash rate. These are great, but like 50/50s you need to make sure that you play in single entry mostly to ensure not tying up with the competition as many people may mass enter this using one line only. I prefer these and find that the larger the pool, the better your chances are in cashing out with double your money.


I especially love playing head-to-head matches and actually keep a cheat sheet that tells me my current W-L against every opponent I have played in the season. I find this useful as I do not want to keep remembering who I am good at playing against or who the pros are by name. They are a couple of individuals out there that really good at this and will beat you almost every time. There are also opponents that are good at GPP but are generally not good at cash games. Than there are opponents that we all like to play and take their money and keep on moving. As always, be careful about who you are playing against in H2Hs.

GPP Games

Multi Entry

We have all been there and throw the $1, $3, $6 at a GPP with the expectations of cashing out the top prize of $50,000 and beating all 100,000+ opponents. Than we wake up and realize that, though the possibility might be less than the lottery or a scratch off, it most likely will not happen to us. Its a great idea to throw a percentage of your nightly BR at these contests, but do not get lost in the shuffle and use up all of your BR playing them. They are worth the shot but dont expect to become instantly rich without some FSi writeups and several lines played.

Single Entry

I love playing these GPPs and play them daily. They are generally what I spend my BR on for GPP games that I have allotted using our calculator tool. There is a lower top prize, but your chances of winning are significantly increased by playing these instead of multi entry gpps. Every slate I play them and I generally cash 60%+ times, especially in MLB. The idea is that the top pros have to decide what lineup they want to play and keep load 100+ lineups instead so the odds are much better.

Big Boy Leagues

FSI’s Rod loves to play these GPPs and you will see him in a lot of them in all sports. They do pay big time but they cost a pretty penny to jump in, so make sure you can manage the cost of it and still play nightly. I am talking about $100+ entry GPPs with some pretty hefty payouts, but with cash out chances of 25% or less. Those contests are both single and multi entry, so when I play them, I generally go after the single entry for the same reasons above. But just imagine paying $150 for a chance of the top prize of $100,000. Yes please! I will buy that boat and start posting from the water after that!