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Fantasy Sports Insight Fantasy Sports Insight “FSi”

FSi, founded in 2017, is a professional group of Daily Fantasy Sports players dedicated to help you take your game to the next level. Our mission is to provide coaching, tools as well as premium & free content to help the average player enjoy & be profitable in daily fantasy sports, whether you are playing the quarter arcade or playing high stakes tournaments.

We have several Daily Fantasy Sports professional coaches available at all times of the day to answer your questions about lineup construction, optimal cash/tournament strategies & so much more. Our chat group on Slack is one of the best out there & creates a great environment with tons of FREE content for all sports for everybody!

Thank you for the opportunity to help provide you with the insight you need to be profitable in Daily Fantasy Sports.



Fantasy Sports Insight Rod

Rod, or as we sometimes call him “The Rodfather” goes by the username Bigredbear2015 on DraftKings & rodtam125 on FanDuel. Rod is the founder and co-owner of FSi & has been playing DFS for over 2 years and MLB & NFL are by far his best sports.

Rod’s style of play is geared towards optimal lineups and single entry GPP’s as he tackles the top tournaments each week in NFL.

The Rodfather has placed 1st in a few mid field GPPs as working his way to take down a large field GPP. He has also placed in the top 5 of The MLB Monster on FanDuel twice, with a single entry (not max entries).

Rod strives to improve every day, with a yearly goal of making it to the MLB Finals in each DFS site. His one firm belief is that the key to DFS success over time is bankroll management.

“You have to grind daily and eventually reach the PRO level!”



Fantasy Sports Insight GatorGuy231

Keith is a writer and co-owner of Fantasy Sports Insight. He is also known as Gator or Gatorguy231 & is our basketball writer with a proven record of crushing the competition in NBA!

Gator started playing DFS by converting a $25 deposit into $10,000 in as little as 9 months! During his time in college he also was a former poker player who paid for his tuition by turning a freeroll into a $25,000 bankroll!

Keith’s best DFS sport is basketball, in all forms, & proved this by crushing the competition when Fan Duel & Draft Kings offered WNBA this last season.

Keith’s mission is to make Fantasy Sports Insight the leader & your favorite choice for all of your DFS content & needs in the industry. He wants to ensure that every member enjoys their experience on the site as well as in our chat rooms!



Fantasy Sports Insight Armydragon

Paul is the web administrator for FSi & a co-owner of Fantasy Sports Insight. He is an avid DFS player and you can find him on both FD & DK under the user name armydragon.

You will usually find him in a lot of CASH & H2H games as well as some of the smaller GPPs as he works his way up to the “big boy” Monster GPPs in each sport.

His favorite sport is Basketball and Baseball and tends to play more of these sports in the DFS sites.

Paul ensures that the website is always up and running and adds new & innovate ideas to the site to ensure everyone is enjoying their experience. On chat he is always trying to help everyone succeed and build their bankrolls using the COREs and LUs provided by the FSi team.

Should you see something that isn’t right or experience an issue on the website, please use the contact information below and reach out to Paul to share the information.



Fantasy Sports Insight Knocker

Steve comes to us by way of the South & most people simply call him “knocker” due to his last name.

Knocker is a very passionate sports fan who has been betting for over 10 years. His favorite sports to bet on are MLB, NFL & NCAA basketball.

We found out that Knocker is borderline obsessed with baseball, which brings him to post a lot of baseball bets for FREE on our site under Knocks Locks.

Knocker also loves betting totals as well as overs, as most people love those types of bets. Who doesn’t like seeing balls leave the park? Knocker always trys to find one or two games that will go over the total, but also looks for a great under bet when he sees the money value.


Fantasy Sports Insight Slick Snake

Joe aka “Slick Picks” has been playing DFS for several years & has been following sports all of his life, no matter what league or sport.

When he is not diving head deep in to sports he is working full time as an accountant, Monday – Friday.

He has the ability to produce some of the best gut plays that we have ever seen, whether it’s revenge games or bounce back games for players, making him a great addition to our team!

You will find him targeting a couple of low ownership players each night who can create great upside & really put you in a spot to take down a big tournament game. We have seen far too many times where we have said, “wow, I had that player all day then switched him out.”


Fantasy Sports Insight Bevoaustintx

Mark is a Coach for our Soccer room at Fantasy Sports Insight. He is known as Bevo & helps with Core Building and Discussion for the Scheduled Soccer slates we offer.

Bevo started playing DFS a few years back and has won several GPP contests as well as consistent cashing in the Cash contests that DraftKings offer. His biggest win was a GPP takedown and second place finish during our early days this year of Champions League.

Mark’s best DFS sport is Soccer, with DK and continues to strive in learning more about the sport he loves and to help the team and the members of Fantasy Sports Insight anyway he can.


Fantasy Sports Insight Keetz

Also known as “Keetz,” Zach has been playing DFS for the last 2 years, focusing mostly on baseball, football and basketball. Keetz is a basketball DFS coach for FSi along side of Gatorguy231.

Keetz majored in college in sports management and spend all of his free time checking box scores on all sports that he follows. He is a tournament (GPP) player who has taken down several GPPs in both Baseball and Basektball.

Fantasy Sports Insight Evertonmatrix

Growing up in England soccer was a 24/7 thing for Martin and now he brings that passion to his role as a soccer coach for FSI. A passionate Everton fan and Orlando City he is is used to some lean times but a loyal fan regardless and England’s run at the World Cup was a nice boost.

Started playing DFS on freerolls and turned that into entry fees and now it has grown from there. Will play any soccer slate and has a number of GPP wins especially on his favored MLS. Has a lifelong love and understanding of soccer and tries to reflect that when helping subs and providing extra insight not given by other sites.


Fantasy Sports Insight Dublewis

Will, also known as dublewis, is a new writer for Fantasy Sports Insight. He was brought on to help write and manage both WNBA and NBA for FSI. He is 19 years old, new to the industry, but has a lot of valuable insight and knowledge of daily sports.

His best sport is WNBA where he’s had multiple top finishes over the last several seasons including GPP takedowns of multiple high dollar tournaments. His best finish was 2nd in the 8,000 man $5 tournament, a payout of $1,000, on a night where he only made three lineups. Will loves analyzing the numbers behind his picks, but he also loves playing a good narrative. He’s mainly a 3-max, 5-max, and single entry player.

Will is currently a student at the University of Tennessee where he is majoring in business/sports analytics. He is an avid outdoorsmen and loves playing soccer and fishing in his spare time. He is also a massive Liverpool fan, but he prefers not playing fantasy soccer, as he enjoys watching soccer for enjoyment only.


Fantasy Sports Insight Hold The Door

Chris has been a DFS grinder for 10 years! His biggest cash was at $28,500 finish thanks to Andre Holmes in one of the first Milly Makers!

Overall, he loves to find the EDGE in DFS, which he brings to all of his content, including DK’s Showdown.

You will find most of his volume of $$ in showdowns, PGA, Tennis, and NHL! He is also a huge cash game player and primarily target H2H opponents!